Are you at risk of being evicted? Call us at 208-383-9486.

Jesse Tree operates a Housing Crisis Line Monday through Friday 9am-5pm.


We can provide you with information about the eviction process, support, and connections to help you navigate your situation and identify resources and strategies you can use to stay in your housing.


Clients may also be offered more intensive case management and rental assistance.

We're here to help.


Jesse Tree's Housing Crisis Line serves our neighbors who are precariously housed or at risk of being evicted by providing crisis support, information, mediation, and connections to needed resources and services, including pro bono legal help.


If your are unable to pay your rent next month, please immediately communicate the issue with your landlord or property manager and discuss the possibility of setting up a payment plan with them.


You can then call our Housing Crisis Line to navigate the situation.


If your landlord has set a date for you to appear in court, please immediately contact us and we will connect you to pro bono legal assistance. If you have a court appearance, showing up increases your chance of avoiding getting an eviction on your record.

Housing Crisis Line

Emergency Rent Assistance Program

Jesse Tree has a program that can provide tenants at risk of eviction with rental assistance and case management support. Clients eligible for this program must be:

  • Ada or Canyon County residents

  • Low, very low, or extremely low income

  • Renting, with their name on a valid lease

  • At imminent risk of eviction

  • Able to provide proof of back rent owed and/or eviction (Jesse Tree cannot pay for next month's rent, but we can assess you ahead of time if you anticipate you will need our resources, but we can refer you to other community partners who might be able to help.)

  • Able to pay rent and remain in the rental after assistance ends (Jesse Tree can work with you to identify new employment.)

  • Living in a unit that is safe and habitable

Applications for assistance are accepted on a rolling basis. Please note, applying does not guarantee financial assistance from Jesse Tree but we will do our best to connect you to the help you need.

What you need to know about eviction

Proper service of notice: The landlord must first attempt to deliver the notice in person to the tenant (or to a competent person at the residence). Then the landlord may post the notice in a conspicuous place (most will post it to the tenant's door). If the landlord posts the notice, they must also mail a copy to the residence.


Lawful reasons for a three-day notice: A three day notice is only permissible if a tenant failed to pay rent (the notice must include the amount of rent owed), violated the lease (the notice must specify the violations), or engaged in the unlawful delivery, production or use of a controlled substance.

Tenants have several options to respond to a 3-day notice:

  • Call Jesse Tree to talk through the situation!

  • The tenant can try to pay the rent in full or try to work with the landlord to set up a payment plan. The tenant may also decide to move out.

  • At the end of the three-day period, the landlord can proceed with an eviction lawsuit. In order to evict a tenant, a landlord must file a lawsuit in court. A landlord is not allowed to change the locks or engage in self-help by removing a tenant. Only a judge can order a tenant to leave after the court process is complete.

  • The court will then issue a date to appear in court.

  • The tenant should show up at court! By showing up, tenants increase their chances of mediating the situation and avoiding an eviction on their record.

  • Mediation occurs. The tenant and the landlord agree on a payment plan or for the tenant to move out on an agreed-upon date.

  • If the situation is not mediated, the case goes before the judge. The judge may issue a judgment that allows the sheriff to evict the tenant by a specified date.

Your contribution will help us keep a neighbor being evicted in their housing.

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