Housing Crisis Line. Are you falling behind in paying your rent and at risk of being evicted? We're here to help. Call our Housing Crisis Line at 208-383-9486, M-F from 9am to 5pm, visit us at 1121 W Miller Street, Boise, ID 83702, or email us at to set up an appointment.

Rental Assistance. We can pay rent for low-income households experiencing a financial crisis. A large majority of our budget goes directly to fill this critical need.

Case Management. We offer information and intensive support to people experiencing the eviction process, providing connections to needed resources and legal assistance, landlord mediation, budgeting help, and counseling.

If you contact us outside of our regular hours, leave a voicemail or email and your message will be returned the next business day.



It costs the community over $53,000 in supportive, health, and emergency services per person who's homeless.

It costs $5-10,000 for a family to find new housing after they've been evicted.

2,256 people became homeless for the first time in Ada County during 2018.

1,072 evictions were filed in Ada County Court in 2018. Even more tenants were given eviction notices.



We believe in investing in prevention. 


Let's keep the traumatic, life-altering event of homelessness from happening to our neighbors before it's too late for them, and for our community.





We provide information and support for up to 200 households per month via our Housing Crisis Line.

We provide one-time case management and/or rental assistance to 30-40 households per month.

Over 80% of clients requesting assistance can't pay their rent due to a health care crisis, unexpected job loss, or car breakdown.

It costs less than $800 to keep a family in their housing, and less than $300 per person.

It costs only $800 ($75/month) to keep a family housed, and $330 ($28/month) to keep one neighbor housed.

Your contribution will help us keep a neighbor being evicted in their housing.

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1121 W Miller St.
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