The Jesse Tree provides homeless prevention services through three key areas, financial assistance to cover arrears, case management with a licensed social worker, and referrals linking households to key resources in the community.


Financial assistance is offered through our rental assistance program to households to prevent eviction and get them back on their feet. The Jesse Tree will will provide up to a maximum of three months of rental assistance to individuals or households who qualify.

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Once a household is accepted into the ERMA program, they will be paired with Jesse Tree’s social worker to work towards long-term financial stability and economic self-sufficiency. An individual case plan will be created to improve the health and financial situation of the household.


Jesse Tree offers financial literacy, budget counseling, and debt reduction skills to ensure the household's income is stable enough to maintain housing once they exit the ERMA program. Working with other great local providers, we will improve the household's earned income potential and stabilize your financial situation.

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The Jesse Tree partners with Debt Reduction Services, Mountain West Bank, and KeyBank to provide bank accounts, support set-up, and budgeting courses.


At every step of the process, the Jesse Tree links households in our program to other community resources.  By doing so, we can address the household's other needs.

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Jesse Tree tries to assist every individual who calls or walks through the organization’s doors. For example, if a household does not have children, or is at risk of eviction, the household will be provided referrals, and depending on their needs, may be provided gas vouchers, clothing vouchers, diapers, and hygiene products under the Mercy Assistance program.

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